Knowledge Sharing Session and Charity Event

The time of the industrial era, with its “dull markets", is over. Because of the rise of global, high—competition markets, organizations have to respond faster. Be more innovative. Be able to resolve more complex problems. There is a need for high-dynamic value creation and more responsive organizations.​​​​​ The duty of every individual in every sector to keep their knowledge, skills, and competence up-to-date and develop them to meet the demands of their employment.

Knowledge Sharing ​​​​​​​is more necessary than ever. It plays a very vital role in creating awareness among people from organizations. If things are properly shared, our people become aware of what is expected out of them and they can thus create a roadmap keeping in mind the availability of resources, its pros, and cons and try to achieve better results for the company as well as clients and themselves.

The Cambodia Management Academy (CamMA)’s Knowledge Sharing Session and Charity Events focuses on establishing a community of practice that generates and shares knowledge in support of the individual’s knowledge and skills demand. It is organized to share knowledge, lessons learned and good practice, and make available instruments and tools developed by the various national and international speakers who are experts in a particular area. At the same time, it is also one of our charity and fundraising purposes.

The main objectives of the workshops are the following:

  • Share information, knowledge and tools;
  • Establish a knowledge sharing-network;
  • Discuss and contribute innovative approaches and good practices;
  • Share and contribute our love to the community and society by helping the poor community through our participation in this Knowledge Sharing Session and Charity Events;
  • Donate and contribute all our revenue from the event to the poor communities and Non-Profit Organizations in Cambodia.

Note: All level of Sponsorship & Donations requests is very welcome for CamMA’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programs. Please note that CamMA already supports a number of charities and organizations and we do not wish to spread ourselves too thinly, however, all requests will be considered.